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From Friends to Business Partners

When you've grown up like sisters and done every possible stupid thing together, you know each other better than anyone else. Is there a better premise to start a company together?

How everything began

Do you know the situation, when you want to do sports and you try all kinds of sports, but none really suits you?

That's what happened to us. Basketball, Standard-Tanz, Jazz-Tanz, HipHop, Fitnessstudio, Ballett, Tennis, Badminton, Handball, Schwimmen... We really tried a lot. The result was always similar: no fun, no talent, no endurance, or a quick end due to injury.

Until one day, through friends, we went to the bouldering gym (bouldering is a form of climbing without belaying at low heights). Here it requires strength, courage, agility, and technique. Different strengths are built up and play into each other. Even as a child, we loved climbing up furniture and trees and hanging from pole scaffolds on the playground. It was like love at first sight! The first time we felt passion, motivation, and fun like never before.

We knew immediately, this is the right sport for us!

Anyone who regularly goes bouldering knows it for sure: if you get stuck on a route, someone usually rushes to help. There is always a reason to talk and soon you know almost the whole hall. A great feeling! First, you come for the sport, later for the community.

From this thought, at the beginning of 2022, the idea was born to create a brand that embodies the passion for the sport. Everyone should see what we are so excited about and admire the unique designs while hanging on the route! No more boring plastic sports shirts that all look alike.

Our clothing embodies community, sustainability and passion for climbing.

Just as the sport is most fun with the Boulder Crew, so is starting a business with a friend. And who is better suited than the best friend of 16 years, who has been climbing and bouldering for a long time? We were immediately on fire to carry out the project together. No sooner said than done. We hope you like our designs and products as much as we do. Have fun climbing and bouldering you guys!

Maybe we will see each other soon in the hall ;)

About Us

  • Eileen

    When I'm not hanging out at the bouldering hall, I can usually be found outdoors hiking, indoors doing yoga and fitness, or at work as a junior SAP consultant.

  • Julia

    In addition to my work as a surgical assistant, I like to spend my time outside walking and getting to know new places. I also love cooking and baking.

Emergence of the brand


Do you also sometimes feel like real climbing monkeys when you climb up the wall?

At least that's how we feel. And the climbing monkey is also the origin of our brand. Except that our climbing monkey is called Mango. Why is the monkey called a fruit? Good question! It comes from his orange fur color. But beware. Mango is not pronounced like the fruit, but more like Macho with N (Mancho). But our monkey is no macho, I promise. 😊